Other interests:

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🛰️ Satellites

During the summer of 2020 I've started working at SatRev - company designing a CubeSat satellite fleet for commercial and research usage.

I currently lead the mission operations software team -- that's where we design the communication & telemetry systems of our satellites, create the tools used for automated testing and finally talk with the satellites on orbit.

Involved into a wide scope of satellite creation processes: prototyping, tests and ground station operations, I have gained a significant insight into the design philosophy of space systems and I'm still eager to learn more.

Two of the satellites I've worked on were launched on the first commercial Virgin Orbit flight. I am currently running mission operations for them, waiting for the next part of the constellation to launch around Q1 2022.

Summer of 2020. The SW1FT cubesat I worked on during my internship (artistic vision, duh)

✈️ UAVs

During 2019 I joined the Academic Aviation Club - a student club from my university, dedicated to developing autonomous airplanes and drones. I've got the know-how to develop on top of ArduPilot-based flight controllers, designing systems aimed both for fully autonomous operation and for human-aircraft(s) cooperation.

I've attended SAE Aero Design 2020 and my team has placed second in the Advance cathegory.

8th of March 2020. Lakeland, FL, USA

🐧 Linux

Since my first Linux install I've fallen in love with it's customizability and flexibility. Since then, I've been using it everywhere I could (my Kindle runs Arch btw). I've a solid knowledge base on Linux-related tools: from building embedded linux distributions to Docker-based deployments and infrastructure as code.

During my time at the university, I was engaged in educating fellow students about Linux and how it can enhance their lives as programmers, as I found that part missing from the study programme. I organised Linux-related lectures, providing students with knowledge necessary to transition away from Windows/MacOS. I managed to keep a regular schedule of the lectures during the entire semester and gathered 200+ people on a dedicated Facebook group. Seeing a positive response from a large group of students was a truly magical experience and the effort was definitely worth the time!

Wint3r of 2019. They clearly look like they're having fun :)

🐍 Python & WebDev

This section is outdated and contains too many different things, I'll rewrite it on the nearest occasion.

Python is my primary language, as I do lots of prototyping and automation. In my high-school years, after getting a grip on the basics of programming, I've turned to broadly defined web development, which has been my passion for the last years of high school and first years of uni.

I've been field tested during Nokia Innovative Projects, scoring a second place with a project of a global, team-based RTS game - Consquare (kind of like Pokemon Go, except you actually get to affect the world map around you, not just change the color of some statically placed structures on the map). We wrote game in Unity and the server software in Django.

🌌 The future?


My current self development plan is centered on Rust. Strong and rich type systems are my main topic of interest. From a more product-focused perspective, I want to become an expert in developing performant and highly reliable mission control software.

Engineering in general

I've been leading teams of programmers both at university and at work and I'd like to continue working as a leader. I have a fairly good instinct at setting goals and creating a positive work environment. Moving from being a developer to a more leadership-oriented role has also sparked my interest in system engineering - a field which I have been recently pursuing.

☀️ Interests