As many other people who run their own websites (and often other web infrastructure), I'm interested in keeping the internet diverse and decentralised.

How it feels to browse the Small Web

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Decentralised/self-hosted/privacy-first online services

I'm running self-hosted online services. They are public, you can use them too :)

I also recommend the following services for private use:

some random thoughts on search - registry-based search engine manifesto

Notes on self-hosting, suggested software

  1. Monitor the metrics of every service you've hosting (Prometheus)
  2. Visualise your metrics (Grafana)
  3. Ping everything from time to time (Blackbox exporter)
  4. Setup notifications when a service goes down
  5. Automate everything from the start, you won't regret it
  6. As your infrastructure (and knowledge) grows, you will eventually need infrastructure as code
    • Or even better, just use NixOs