An exocortex is an external information processing system that augments the brain's biological high-level cognitive processes.

~ Transhumanism Wiki

As many other people, I'm building a website storing pieces of knowledge which I find interesting, mostly notes on technical, artistic and philosphical matters. I'm also using the website as a journal.

In my case, it is neither a blog nor a Zettelkasten-like system. I built a custom visualisation software, utilising natural language processing and high-dimensional data exploration/visualisation methods. You can take a look at the map if you're interested, or just scroll down on any page at the site to see a minimap. I'm proud to say that the construction of this system began in the pre-GPT era, when language-related visualisations weren't as widespread and common as they are now :)

To put it shortly: I'm building a system which will automatically group my thoughts and infer connections between them.

Ideas & links, labels not rendered due to a coding error. Looked cool so I put it there.

Apart from the cool-sounding plans about mind map generation, I'm constantly trying to improve both the website experience and my content creationg workflow using all the FLOSS software I can find or write myself.

I hope that exploring this website will be a positive experience for you!