The word Bączek

My last name, Bączek, has multiple meanings. Here I've collected my favourites:

And the winner goes to:

A diminutive form of the word Bąk (Bumblebee)

Here's a collection of hand-picked Bączek pictures, following this interpretation:

Rabbit bumblebee from @Łukasz
Pug bumblebee from @Amanda. The pug is a rolling joke at SatRev, but that's a story for another time :)
Another one from @Amanda
A drawing done by me or some of my friends long time ago, backed up by @Maja (thanks a lot!)
This monstrosity, from @Olek
Christmas Bączek, thank you @Roksana!
,,What's better than a bumblebee? Two bumblebees!'' - poster from a polish beverage Łomża.
Bumblebee Lifesaver -