2024's Devlog



  • Hayao Miyazaki - The Boy and the Heron

TODO: add note on making myself look like an idiot when attempting to contribute to nixpkgs.


  • Daft Punk - Human After All
  • Alan Parsons Project - Ammonia Avenue


  • Robert Sapolsky - Human Behavioral Biology


  • Peter Watts - Behemoth

Done some optimisations of my infrastructure:

To my surprise, after 2 days I took a look at my monitoring charts and saw visible improvements in my metrics:

..all of that while the request rate reported by Caddy hasn't changed!

Metrics from Node Exporter. Light-blue line marks the moment when PostgreSQL tunings were applied.

Went back to my Invidious MR adding Prometheus metrics.


  • Depeche Mode - Exciter


  • Ennio (2021)

Broke my whole IT infrastructure for 12+ hours due to a trivial mistake in static IP configuration. I haven't noticed it until late afternoon, the fix was rather easy but I learned a bit about nmcli. Funny adventure, worth it :)

Week 1 of going to the gym!

Bought a used Octatrack unit. I already have to hold myself back from tinkering with it instead of during house chores. Once I connect my piano to it I'm gonna be out for at least a few days :) The workflow is wonderful and the idea of having a single "macro knob" is both simple and effective.


  • Peter Watts - Maelstrom


  • Vulfpeck - Live at Madison Square Garden
  • David Bowie - Sound and Vision (the pure piano version)

Finished migrating my cloud & home instrastructure to NixOs. It really feels like an improvement over Ansible playbooks (although I am still using them for copying files & running system rebuilds, it is the easiest solution for me), as I can merge custom software builds/packaging with the system setup & configuration. Learned a bit about nftables in the process.

Trying out some funky rhytms - learning how to play Beastly by Vulfpeck. Amazed to see that they've made an official tutorial on that song and some others.


  • Peter Watts - Starfish


  • Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise If You Can See
  • Jungle - For Ever
  • Kenny G - Sade
  • Lovage et al. - Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady by

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