One day, I'd like to have more free space at home, so I can fill it with various forms of art. It always felt uneasy to select any specific painting or other object as "something I'd like to have on my wall for the rest of my life". To make the process easier for me, I'm slowly collecting a list of candidates here:

Caspar David Friedrich - The Sea of Ice
Frits Thaulow - Summer Day
Johan Christian Clausen Dahl - Birch Tree in a Storm (it looked SO MUCH better irl I can't believe it)
Attributed to Hieronymous Francken II - The Cabinet of an Art Lover
Arnold Böcklin - Isle of the Dead (version III)

A still from The Holy Mountain (1973). Have not yet decided which specific still to pick, this is just a proposition to my future self
One of the pages from Beautiful Bacteria: Encounters in the Microuniverse
I don't understand the Thai alphabet, so I could not figure out which part of the description was the painting's name. Anyway, art by @sreethnppaints