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I don't think that a hierarchical, filesystem-alike blog structure reflects my way of thinking very well (I believe it's also true for most people).

Unfortunately, I haven't found any simple tags-indexing search solutions that would allow me to easily navigate through a tag-based as I'm editing it. Perhaps fzf + some custom search expression/plugin would work well here.

Since I'm using tags, the posts are loosely interconnected, which makes navigation less predictable (and in my opinion more enjoyable). I'd love to extend this unpredictability by using some sort of data clustering algorithm (think t-SNE but I'm no expert here) to automagically generate related posts links.

Shower thought from 5.05.22:

no links, only directions

Sounds pretentious enough to make a nice headline.

Update 17.07.2022

I've managed to hack together some basic text vectorisation tools and create auto-generated "related links" section for each page.

I'm also generating a cool looking connections graph using graphviz:

Map--Website experience Map--Exocortex Website experience--Contact Website experience--Bookmarks Exocortex--Website experience Exocortex--How to think Travel--Listening Travel--2023's Devlog Listening--Music Transcribing Listening--The Ławka Initiative 2023's Devlog--Listening 2023's Devlog--Piano Decentralisation--Caddy Decentralisation--Content creation workflow Caddy--Content creation workflow Caddy--NixOs Content creation workflow--NixOs Content creation workflow--Daily open-source software guide System configuration--Colour scheme System configuration--Software alternatives Colour scheme--Software alternatives Colour scheme--NixOs Software alternatives--Caddy Software alternatives--Content creation workflow NixOs--System configuration NixOs--Software alternatives The Waiting room--Movies/shows The Waiting room--How to think Movies/shows--Travel Movies/shows--Paintings How to think--Map How to think--Movies/shows Custom synth--Making music on Linux Custom synth--Custom sequencer Making music on Linux--Custom sequencer Making music on Linux--Resources on audio & DSP Custom sequencer--Resources on audio & DSP Custom sequencer--Luthier Daily open-source software guide--Decentralisation Daily open-source software guide--NixOs 2022's Devlog--Listening 2022's Devlog--About About--Listening About--System configuration Resources on audio & DSP--Custom synth Resources on audio & DSP--Rust Luthier--Resources on audio & DSP Luthier--GPU Synth Sounds & Melodies--Music Transcribing Sounds & Melodies--Piano Music Transcribing--2023's Devlog Music Transcribing--Custom sequencer Piano--Listening Piano--Music Transcribing The Ławka Initiative--The word *Bączek* The Ławka Initiative--Excellent Words The word *Bączek*--Excellent Words The word *Bączek*--Paintings Excellent Words--Movies/shows Excellent Words--Cosmic Horror Rust--Custom sequencer Rust--Music Transcribing GPU Synth--Making music on Linux GPU Synth--Resources on audio & DSP Paintings--Excellent Words Paintings--Cosmic Horror Cosmic Horror--Movies/shows Cosmic Horror--Reading Contact--Registry-based search engine Contact--Bookmarks Registry-based search engine--Website experience Registry-based search engine--Bookmarks Bookmarks--Map Bookmarks--Decentralisation Reading--The Waiting room Reading--Movies/shows Map Map Website experience Website experience Exocortex Exocortex Travel Travel Listening Listening 2023's Devlog 2023's Devlog ! Decentralisation Decentralisation Caddy Caddy Content creation workflow Content creation workflow System configuration System configuration Colour scheme Colour scheme Software alternatives Software alternatives NixOs NixOs The Waiting room The Waiting room Movies/shows Movies/shows How to think How to think Custom synth Custom synth Making music on Linux Making music on Linux Custom sequencer Custom sequencer Daily open-source software guide Daily open- source software guide 2022's Devlog 2022's Devlog About About Resources on audio & DSP Resources on audio & DSP Luthier Luthier Sounds & Melodies Sounds & Melodies ! Music Transcribing Music Transcribing Piano Piano The Ławka Initiative The Ławka Initiative The word *Bączek* The word *Bączek* Excellent Words Excellent Words ! Rust Rust GPU Synth GPU Synth Paintings Paintings Cosmic Horror Cosmic Horror Contact Contact Registry-based search engine Registry-based search engine Bookmarks Bookmarks Reading Reading

See the map for details.

Gotta go fast!

Every image is compressed by Compress or die. I highly recommend this site for slimming down images!